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Raised Panel Cabinet

Explore the Advantages of a Raised Panel Cabinet Today!

There are a bunch of exciting ways to renovate and upgrade a building, particularly when directing attention toward cabinetry. While cabinets aren't the first thing we think of during a home rehab, they are often one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to build equity in a property.

Residents in and around Houston, TX, will find themselves just a short drive away from UCabinet International, home of a public showroom and a warehouse exceeding 50,000 square feet. Among the many amazing products carried by the establishment, UCabinet International is focused on providing the best of raised panel cabinet products.

Let's explore the advantages of a raised panel cabinet together!

What IS a Raised Panel Cabinet?

First and foremost, raised panel cabinets are named after the decorative design on the front and center panel. Gaining popularity over 120 years ago, raised panel cabinets would go on to become a standard in kitchens throughout the country. Raised panel cabinets are revered for their stylistic offerings, flexible design patterns, and unique intricate designs.

Key Advantages


  • Flexible Design Brings Contemporary and Classic Looks together

  • Timeless Appearance Fits Homes of Every Design

  • Quiet Operation Thanks to Soft-Close Doors and Drawers

While a raised panel cabinet can be a great way to renovate or improve a household, there are other great options available at UCabinet International. Whether we are looking for a solid wood vanity cabinet for the bathroom or a solid wood vanity cabinet for the new kitchen remodel, luxury and aesthetic appeal are just a shopping trip away.

Start Shopping With UCabinet International

UCabinet International invites guests to stop by the public showroom for a front-row look at any of the winning cabinet and door supplies in their inventory. All cabinets come Ready-to-Assemble and are available for same-day pickup services. Call UCabinet International with any questions or special requests!

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