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Cabinet Distributor

UCabinet International is the Cabinet Distributor For Your Commercial Project.

UCabinet International is located in Houston near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Equipped with a 50,000 square foot warehouse as well as a public showroom, UCabinet International is quickly becoming THE destination for commercial, residential, and builders supply cabinet resources. Let's explore the services at UCabinet International further to see if they are the right team for clients throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles in Louisiana; Beaumont, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Victoria and Corpus Christi in Texas.

Builders Supply Cabinet: Find Professional Products Today!

More than just a destination for residential and commercial cabinet distributor services, UCabinet International is proud to offer affordable access for builders to replenish their supplies for renovation projects and other home construction services. To offer a better brand of product to companies throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, UCabinet International is proud to offer the following promises.


WBE & MBE certification —  Ucabinet International is certified as a City of Houston Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Our business are open not only to Government's contracts but also to other WMBE subcontractors.

Products From American Sources — When developing winning cabinets, it is important to start with hardy materials. UCabinet International is focused on high-quality products made from solid wood, brought in directly from American birch and maple sources.

Specialized Orders Available — UCabinet International is proud to partner with its sister company, Air-Sea Int'l Logistics for export and important orders. Special requests for certain construction orders can be made from overseas manufacturing companies in short-order!

Public Showroom — With a 50,000 square/foot warehouse and a public-facing showroom, companies and individuals alike can experience the products carried by UCabinet International before buying them personally. Drop by the UCabinet showroom for a hands-on opportunity to look, feel, and inquire after the cabinet distributor that you deserve.

Dynamic Products — Finally, UCabinet International is proud to serve clients with a full line of shaker, raised-panel, and flat-panel cabinets. Multiple color options ensure the experience that shoppers are looking for!

Don't hesitate when it comes time to upgrade or renovate your kitchen. Contact the team at UCabinet International or drop by their public showroom for more information!

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